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Lil Macs Mission Statement

The goal of our organization is to provide a safe and productive environment for youth football and cheerleading that enables children to learn and apply the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship.  We facilitate the development of strength, character, dedication and discipline in every child that participates.  Our programs are instructional and developmental while still being very passionate and competitive.  Winning is secondary to molding the character of our children.

2016 Important Dates


August 1, Monday - First day of practice with no pads

August 8, Monday - First day of practice with pads

August 13, Saturday - Coaches can schedule a scrimmage

August 14, Sunday - Mandatory Head Coach Smoker

August 20, Saturday - First scheduled scrimmages

August 27, Saturday - First scheduled games

October 9, Sunday - G19 Playoff meeting

October 15, Saturday - 1st round of playoffs / consolation games

October 22, Saturday - Semi Final round of playoffs

October 29, Saturday - Superbowls at South Fayette

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2016 Lil Macs Football Association Board

Results of the voting for the 2016 Lil Macs Football Association Board:

Executive Board For 2016:  

  • President Mike Costello
  • Vice President Dave Rossi
  • Treasurer Eric McMahon
  • Secretary Nick Deanes
  • Athletic Director Dan Glass

Associate Board for 2016:  

  • Cheer Coordinator Katrina Thomas 
  • Co-Cheer Coordinator Meghan Merigo 
  • Events Coordinator Melissa Kessler 
  • Concession Coordinator Heather Costello  
  • Finance Coordinator - vacant

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G19 Weight & Age rules

The weight limit per age group are as follows:

  • 7U - Max weight 90, Skill weight 81  
  • 9U - Max weight 115, Skill weight 102
  • 11U - Max weight 135, Skill weight 120 
  • 12U - Max weight 160, no Skill requirement 
  • 13 year olds  - Max weight 125, Skill weight 115 

The age rule for football is what age your player is as of April 30th for that season.  

EXCEPTION: Players whose birth dates are from May 1st to July 30th may opt to play up only if they are doing so to stay with in their own school grade.  There is no option to play down.  


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Open Board Meetings

Lil Macs Board meetings are the third Thursday of every month at North Strabane Municipal Building from 7 to 9 pm. 

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