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Lil Macs Mission Statement

The goal of our organization is to provide a safe and productive environment for youth football and cheerleading that enables children to learn and apply the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship.  We facilitate the development of strength, character, dedication and discipline in every child that participates.  Our programs are instructional and developmental while still being very passionate and competitive.  Winning is secondary to molding the character of our children.

USA Football Instructions - Heads Up Certified

Complete your 2015 USA Football Certification

Lil Macs Football Association is pleased to be participating in Heads Up Football®, USA Football’s player safety program. A comprehensive method to teaching the sport’s fundamentals in a progressive, age-based approach, Heads Up Football helps youth football leagues and clubs across the United States ensure a better, safer experience for players, coaches, commissioners and parents.


The Coach Membership Instructions PDF will help coaches redeem the code and access the certification course or recertification quiz.

  1. Already have a USA Football account?
  2. Need to create a USA Football account?

PROMO CODE: (You must use the code during registration or renewal of your Coach Membership so your commissioner can see when you are certified and to receive the discounted, Heads Up Football® rate.)




  1. Once logged in, complete the Level 1 Tackle Certification Course or Re-Certification Quiz here: http://www2.usafootball.com/course_list/index

Have questions? Contact the USA Football Member Services team at 1-877-5-FOOTBALL (1-877-536-6822) or visit the Help Desk: https://helpdesk.usafootball.com/hc/en-us

by posted 04/23/2015
G19 Rule Change - Weight Limits

The G19 passed by unanimous vote the following weight changes for the 2015 football season.

  • 7U - Max weight 90, Skill weight 81  (no change)
  • 9U - Max weight 115, Skill weight 102 (up 5 & 3 pounds)
  • 11U - Max weight 135, Skill weight 120 (up 5 and 3 pounds)
  • 12U - Max weight 160, no Skill requirement (no change)
  • 13 year olds  - Max weight 125, Skill weight 115 (no change)

Any child HALF their max weight in their age group can opt to play down and be red-striped for the season.  They can then not go over their 'half weight" limitations for the season. 

by posted 04/23/2015

This check was sent to Lil Macs President Mike Costello from the Pittsburgh Steelers!  This award was given to us for having the entire Lil Macs Football coaching staff USA Football Heads Up certified.  Canon McMillan's Lil Macs are one of only a few teams to receive the award!  GREAT JOB COACHES!

by League President posted 03/17/2015
Send Us Your Photos

Click on PHOTO GALLERY and send us your best game shots.

Tell your family and friends to join our email list to enjoy the fun. 

by League President posted 03/17/2015

Head Coach Mike Costello led his 10U age group to their third tournament title in a row!

by League President posted 03/17/2015
New G19 Rule Change - Birth Date

The G19 Football Board in February changed the eligible age of birth date from August 1st to May 1st.  

This change was passed by a 9 to 1 vote.  The purpose of this change is an attempt to add growth to the league. ALL NEW PLAYERS must adhere to the May 1st rule and abide by this date.

RETURNING PLAYERS who have a birth date that is between May 1st and July 31st have the choice of playing with the same age group they always have or playing with the younger age group.  When registering, use your players birth date and join the appropriate age group.  Once registration is over you will be approached by a board member to verify what age group you want your player to participate in. 

by League President posted 03/16/2015
April 1st Registration Begins

Register online for the 2015 football & cheer season! 

April 1st to May 15th!

A $50 late fee is added for any application or

any unpaid registration  after May 15th.

by League President posted 03/14/2015
Open Board Meetings

Lil Macs Board meetings are the second Wednesday of every month at North Strabane Municipal Building from 7 to 9 pm. 

by League President posted 03/13/2015
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