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Lil Macs Mission Statement

The goal of our organization is to provide a safe and productive environment for youth football and cheerleading that enables children to learn and apply the principles of teamwork and sportsmanship.  We facilitate the development of strength, character, dedication and discipline in every child that participates.  Our programs are instructional and developmental while still being very passionate and competitive.  Winning is secondary to molding the character of our children.

Become a Lil Macs Board Member




Nominations are now being accepted for the 2016 Canon Mac Lil Macs Football Association Board of Directors.


To be eligible for nomination:


•You must be a current Lil Macs Board member to apply for an Executive Board Position

•Any current Lil Macs member in good standing can apply for Associate Board positions


Open positions are:


Executive Board positions – President, Treasurer


Associate Board positions -  Financial Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Cheer coordinator, Co-Cheer Coordinator, Concession Coordinator



Please carefully read and consider each position on our web site prior to making or accepting a nomination.


Nominations can be submitted through our on-line “Contact Us” link.  Simply tell us your name and position you want to be nominated for.  Deadline is October 31st,  2015 to apply.   


More information about elections, board positions and membership voting rights can be found in our Bi-Laws:





Election of officers will take place at the November general membership meeting. Nominations can be made up to October 31st, 2015.  Nominations will be accepted or declined at least three days prior to the  election. The election ballot will list names of all candidates that have accepted nominations for board positions. The election ballot will only formally allow for a write in candidate in the event that a board position remains vacant at  the deadline of the nomination process. Nominations from the floor will only  be taken if no nominations have been accepted prior to the election. The terms of the newly elected officers will run from the close of the December general  meeting through the following December general meeting. Any position left  vacant after the election will be filled through an appointment and approval by  the newly elected Executive Board. At the deadline of the nomination process, an individual may only accept one  nomination of a board position.


Section 9.2 – Election Meeting

The Board shall send a Nominations Letter/Email each year, but no later than October, notifying all Members in good standing of open positions on the Board. Interested Members in good standing must complete the nomination form included in the Nominations Letter/Email for consideration to be elected to the Board at Lil Macs regularly scheduled election meeting held in November, or a later date as determined by the Board of any given year (the “Annual Election Meeting”).


Section 9.3 – Election Process

Lil Macs shall hold an annual open election meeting in November, or a later date as determined by the Board, of any given year. At the Election Meeting each family that has paid the annual registration fee, will be given a ballot with all eligible candidates listed for open positions on the board. Each family shall be entitled to one vote for each open board position. For example, each year there will be at least 5 open board positions and any number of eligible candidates, therefore each family will be entitle to vote for 5 candidates to fill the open board positions.




by posted 10/05/2015
Volunteer Duties Web Page

Hello Lil Macs family,


Our new web site has made volunteering much easier for everyone.  In the past, you would have to hunt down the team Mom for sign up sheets and volunteer duties.  Now your volunteering is a few clicks away.  Simply log into our web site at lilmacsfootball.com, then click on "Volunteering" in the left column.  There you will see a day by day, hour by hour schedule of volunteer duties that you can easily click on to join.


If the duty is GREEN and says OPEN, you can choose it.

If the duty is YELLOW and has a number, you can choose it.  The # designates how many slots are left.

If the duty is RED and says CLOSED then it is full and you can not choose that duty.


NOTE:  you can only select where your team is ELIGIBLE.  You can't choose another teams volunteer duty.  


CHEER TEAMS:  You will only be able to select from our events such as the Kick Off Party, the Night at the Races fundraiser and the Year End Banquet.  As the event approaches you can expect to see the volunteer assignments for that event.  Currently the Kick Off Party is the only scheduled volunteer duties. 


FOOTBALL TEAMS:  You will have pre-determined weeks at the concession stand to choose from.  Search for you team's name under the eligibility column.  In the near future, you will also be able to choose home game volunteer duties, but they won't be available to choose from until later this month when the schedule is released.  For now, you can select only the concession duties.


The volunteer check for $200 dated Dec. 1, 2015 will be destroyed or returned once you complete your volunteer duty.  Football parents are mandated to fulfill 2 two hour volunteer duties (Head coaches and Team Moms are exempt).  But we ask if you can do as many as you desire.  Please understand your volunteering makes everyone's football experience more enjoyable!


We hope that you enjoy this new approach to volunteering!  We thank you for supporting the Lil Macs!


Lil Macs Football Board 



by posted 08/06/2015
Dick's Season Long Coupon

For all your football and fall sports needs, Dick's Sporting Goods has offered the Lil Macs families a season long coupon.

Just click on the link below or copy and paste into your web browser for great savings. 



The Lil Macs Football Association thanks Dick's for supporting our local youth teams!

by posted 07/08/2015
G19 Rule Change - Weight Limits

The G19 passed by unanimous vote the following weight changes for the 2015 football season.

  • 7U - Max weight 90, Skill weight 81  (no change)
  • 9U - Max weight 115, Skill weight 102 (up 5 & 3 pounds)
  • 11U - Max weight 135, Skill weight 120 (up 5 and 3 pounds)
  • 12U - Max weight 160, no Skill requirement (no change)
  • 13 year olds  - Max weight 125, Skill weight 115 (no change)

Any child HALF their max weight in their age group can opt to play down and be red-striped for the season.  They can then not go over their 'half weight" limitations for the season. 

by posted 04/23/2015
Send Us Your Photos

Click on PHOTO GALLERY and send us your best game shots.

Tell your family and friends to join our email list to enjoy the fun. 

by League President posted 03/17/2015

Head Coach Mike Costello led his 10U age group to their third tournament title in a row!

by League President posted 03/17/2015
Open Board Meetings

Lil Macs Board meetings are the second Wednesday of every month at North Strabane Municipal Building from 7 to 9 pm. 

by League President posted 03/13/2015
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